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Tired Phrases: “Thrown Under the Bus”


The phrase “thrown under the bus” needs to be, well, thrown under a bus.  It is so overused.  For example, this morning I did a Google search of News in the past 24 hours for “under the bus.”  It found “About 1,170 results.”  Only a handful involved actual bus accidents.

Some of those facing clichéd bus-related injury today:  Conservative MLA Hector Goudreau, Courtney from The Bachelor, NFL coach Gregg Williams,  Arsenio Hall (somehow a self-inflicted bus tossing), Wes Welker, the Saugatuck Township board, Dwight Howard’s Orlando Magic teammates, Israel, Danica Patrick’s crew, Bob Kerrey, LGBT issues, taxpayers, India Incorporate, and something called “The Miz.”

It’s time to retire this expression.  Maybe we can get the bus drivers’ union involved.  I’m sure they cringe every time they hear it.

Jerome Bettis would be a great spokesman for the anti-”under the bus” campaign.  I bet he’s tired of pranksters knocking people down in front of him.

What will it take to make it happen?  Unfortunately, the expression has been resilient.  It has survived previous attacks.  I’m thinking it will take the form of an extremely clueless and insensitive use.  I can see the headline now:  “Congressman West Throws Rosa Parks Under the Bus.”  Yeah, that would do it.