Some Morning After Reaction to the 2012 Election

2012 Election

Some morning after reactions from Election Day 2012: 

I noticed a big difference from 2008.   Four years ago was a historic election, where there was widespread joy mostly from the fact that Americans have elected their first African American president.  It made me feel good about my country, making a definitive statement on our civilization’s moral evolution.  On top of that Obama’s campaign promises brought a sense of optimism about the future, that things will get better soon and America will be great again.

This year seemed like a fight just to hold on to the status quo.  It feels like only one of several ominous, dark clouds have lifted.  The level of impending doom has lessened, but there is still a sense that great times won’t be back anytime soon. 

The election did lay some of the foundation for the recovery.  The Senate will have a new conscience in Elizabeth Warren (perhaps she can replace Reid in 2015).  Maryland and Maine voters chose to extend their states’ policies of recognizing and encouraging contracts of mutual care (i.e. marriages) to include same-sex couples. Colorado and Washington are moving toward no longer putting people in cages for holding a plant.  A wave of election manipulation attempts is likely to prompt election reform. 

In the next four years, Justices Ginsburg and Breyer can retire in peace, while Scalia, Kennedy, and Thomas will be harassed by new, elite teams of bodyguards, doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers thrust upon them as an unwanted gift from the furthest corners of the right-wing elite.  (I do feel sorry for them that they have probably eaten their last donuts).

The immediate future will resemble the partisan brinksmanship of 2011.  No, President Obama, their fever will not break.  You’re as wrong about that as I was in thinking you stood a better chance of governing because the Republicans really hate Hillary.

That’s enough text for an instant reaction.  I’m sure more is coming.

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