Governor Christie’s Staff Closes Lanes for Petty Reasons, but What if it was Election Day?

This scandal could have been a lot worse.  It seems this stunt was done for personal reasons, but it is not unthinkable for someone to try this (again?) for political reasons.

What if someone tried to pull this off on Election Day?  An impromptu “traffic study” in a few heavily Democratic precincts could suppress a lot of votes.  Because Election Day is still on a Tuesday, people end up deciding to vote after work.  Dozens or hundreds could be deterred by the traffic headache or delayed past the end of closing time.  People who actually have to work for a living often have very tight schedules during the week, and trying to squeeze in another hour to vote leaves little room for something to go wrong.

Once everyone has their government issued IDs, how long before we see some desperate pol try something like this?

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